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Treasure Hunters: Secret of the Forbidden City Read Here

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treasure hunters secret of the review

Treasure Hunters: Secret of the Forbidden City Description

About the AuthorJames Patterson has had more New York Times bestsellers than any other writer, ever, according to Guinness World Records. Since his first novel won the Edgar Award in 1977 James Patterson's books have sold more than 300 million copies. He is the author of the Alex Cross novels, the most popular detective series of the past twenty-five years, including Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. He writes full-time and lives in Florida with his family.

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Food Gift Love: More than 100 Recipes to Make, Wrap, and Share Online Reading

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food gift love more than review

Food Gift Love: More than 100 Recipes to Make, Wrap, and Share Description

Review“As warm and gracious as Maggie herself, Food Gift Love is the handbook for anyone looking for unique and delicious ways to welcome a new neighbor, comfort a freshly minted mama, or simply tell a friend that you care.” – MARISA McCLELLAN, author of Preserving by the Pint and Food in Jars “I’ve long been a fan of Maggie Battista’s carefully curated shop, Eat Boutique, so it was no surprise that her long-awaited cookbook would be a creative, inspiring collection. Showcasing edible homemade gifts such as Roasted Banana Bread, Bourbon-Vanilla Cherries, and Jam-Swirled Marshmallows, Food Gift Love reaches far beyond what many of us typically think of when we hear the words ‘homemade gift.’ In Maggie’s generous, reassuring hands, we’re shown that it is indeed possible to make a gift for every occasion or inclination. A most welcome addition to my collection, and one that will be used throughout the year.” – MEGAN GORDON, owner, Marge Granola, and author of Whole-Grain Mornings “Food Gift Love is a tasty collection of sweet treats and delicious bites that make perfect gifts, although you’ll be tempted to make an extra batch… to keep for yourself!” – DAVID LEBOVITZ, author of My Paris Kitchen “Food Gift Love is full of recipes I want to cook and ideas I want to borrow, but most of all, it’s full of heart. Maggie’s spirit of generosity is contagious! This little book makes me want to be a better friend.” – MOLLY WIZENBERG, author of Delancey and A Homemade Life “Food Gift Love’s recipes are a double pleasure: First there’s the pleasure of making them, and then there’s the pleasure of sharing them as gifts, boxed and bowed, bottled and beautifully beribboned. From cookies and jams, marshmallows and extracts, to cordials and curds, Maggie’s book is filled with delicious ideas to help you share the foods you love best with the people you love most.” – DORIE GREENSPAN, author of Baking Chez Moi “This book is a reminder that a culinary gift—made with heart and thoughtfulness—is a way to make someone feel special and cared for. It’s a book that celebrates all the possibilities that stem from little gestures and generosity.” – HEIDI SWANSON, author of Super Natural Every Day “In Food Gift Love, Maggie’s generous and kind spirit shines through with a lovely selection of well-curated food gifts that you’ll make and share with pride. I can’t wait to get started!” – JOANNE CHANG, owner, Flour Bakery + Cafe

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Hands Free Life: Nine Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, and Loving More Read Here

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hands free life nine habits review

Hands Free Life: Nine Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, and Loving More Description

ReviewOur society’s definition of success---in which success is defined just in terms of money and power---isn’t working. With a mix of powerful storytelling and practical tools, Hands Free Life offers the inspiration and the daily actions to live our lives with more grace, more joy, more gratitude, and more love. (Arianna Huffington, author of Thrive)Rachel does it again! As I read Hands Free Life, I felt my pulse slow, my lungs fill, and my anxiety lessen. Rachel’s writing is a Reset button. Her advice is practical, and her message is clear, gentle, and true: Less stress! Less distraction! MORE LOVE! Thanks, Rachel, for reminding us what matters: our people. (Glennon Doyle Melton, author of New York Times bestseller Carry On, Warrior and founder of and Together Rising)In this intensely insightful book, Rachel teaches parents how to engage with their children as they truly deserve: with heart, presence, and grace. Hands Free Life will inspire you to grow with your children and reach depths of your being like never before. Its words will allow you to discover your highest potential as a parent and thereby bestow your children with an inestimable gift: your engaged being. (Dr. Shefali Tsabary, New York Times bestselling author of The Conscious Parent)If you need a clear-minded and clear-hearted guide to a more fulfilling life, this is it. Again, author Rachel Macy Stafford provides us with actionable and meaningful ways to love well, live fully, and leave a legacy we can be proud of. (Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb and seven other books)Rachel’s wise words inspired me to be a more connected, more present parent, and for that I’m so thankful. I’ll be handing this out left and right to the people in my life. (Shauna Neiquist, bestselling author of Savor and Bread and Wine)It took one day. I only could allow one day to read Hands Free Life. I was busy being a dad, a husband, and a cancer patient. I knew I was distracted, but there was a purpose. I was on a mission, and I acknowledged my limited time. As I settled in to read Rachel’s words, my heart stayed in my throat the entire journey. She gets it. She knows we’re distracted, and it’s not just the number of screens we have in our lives. It’s our incredibly complex, crazy, and somewhat out-of-control lives. Rachel Macy Stafford will help you reconnect and build strong relationships. Even if you make a moderate amount of effort, your family will thank you for strengthening your relationships! Once again, I owe Rachel a big thank-you for bringing relationships and family to the forefront of everyone’s mind. (Garth Callaghan, The Napkin Notes Dad)Reading Hands Free Life spoke to me at a deep, heart level. It challenged me to stop hurrying through life, quit worrying about what other people think, and start savoring the ordinary, everyday moments. I smiled through some parts, cried through others, and came away with fresh resolve to make each day count---not in more efficient productivity, but in more meaningful relationships. Highly, highly recommended! (Crystal Paine, founder of and New York Times bestselling author of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode)Rachel’s words beautifully remind us of the little things---and the big things that make a LIFE. A happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. In Hands Free Life, we are gently but firmly guided to unplug from our 24/7 world and to passionately pursue the connectivity that is so vital to our children, partners,families, friends---and ourselves. Pick it up today---and I promise: you won’t want to put it down. (Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and author of The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic―A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World)Can I simply say: Read this beautiful book. It will feed your soul, free your spirit, and fill your heart. Hands Free Life is an irresistible wake-up call for all of us who wish to parent more thoughtfully, love more generously, and live more joyously. (Katrina Kenison, author of Mitten Strings for God and The Gift of an Ordinary Day)With her unique blend of transparent storytelling and thoughtful insight, Rachel Macy Stafford reminds us again why hers is one of the most important voices of our generation. (Joshua Becker, bestselling author of Simplify and founder of Becoming Minimalist)Hands Free Life is the perfect combination of advice and anecdote. Stafford’s personal stories are engaging and enchanting, while her daily declarations serve as their punctuation; reminders that we need to pause and let go of the chaos, ensuring our hands are free to embrace the grace in parenting’s small moments. (Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure)Rachel has written a beautiful and profoundly wise book, one that heightens our own joy of life and enables our children to fully thrive. (Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD, developmental psychologist)Hands Free Life came to me right when I needed it most. Essentially a road map for intentional living, Rachel’s approach, stories, and message are making a difference in my life by teaching me to grasp hold of what really matters. (Ali Edwards, storyteller and author of Life Artist)I was hooked from the first story. Rachel’s writing is like a bear hug from a loving parent---warm, reassuring, full of joy, and a strong reminder of love and security. This book will speak to every loving parent’s heart with wisdom and insight that is sure to strengthen every family. (Justin Coulson, PhD, parenting author, researcher, speaker, and father of six)I want to give this book to every parent I know. Rachel Macy Stafford’s gentle spirit and insightful wisdom leaves readers encouraged, inspired, and challenged to cultivate more intentional, present lives. I am a better mother because of Hands Free Life. (Jessica N. Turner, author of The Fringe Hours)In the midst of countless daily reminders to hurry up and catch up, does it ever feel like all you do is mess up? The message of Hands Free Life reads like a gift and a second chance. If you long to linger in your own life but aren’t sure where to start, let Rachel Macy Stafford show you how. Her gentle words will cast a hopeful vision for your family, with practical tools to help you create the margin you long for and the relief your soul needs. (Emily P. Freeman, author of Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World)Just a couple of chapters into Hands Free Life, I learned not to sit down with the book unless I had a box of tissues at the ready. Rachel’s truthful style of storytelling brought me to grateful tears again and again, redirecting my gaze me back to the beauty found in my everyday, regular ordinary … and reminding me that perfectionism is not a prerequisite for a hands free journey. Such a freeing message! (Jamie C. Martin, author of Steady Days and writer at last---a book about changing habits that didn’t leave me overwhelmed and doubtful, but rather excited and hopeful! Rachel Macy Stafford’s gentle tone, personal reflections, and easy-to-embrace habits inspired and encouraged me, so much so that I found myself instantly---and naturally---incorporating her insights and ideas into my day. Hands Free Life is simply a must-read if you want to be lovingly guided toward filling your days with more meaningful and enjoyable moments. (Sheila McCraith, author of Yell Less, Love More)In today’s distraction-filled culture, it’s tempting to fill our days with “busy-ness” to feel like we’re accomplishing something, while the reality is we’re just moving farther and farther from the kind of authentic life we want to create. Rachel Macy Stafford’s new book, Hands Free Life is the antidote to the hamster wheel! With compassion and empathy, this “been there, done that” mother teaches readers how to build an authentic and satisfying life that matters. (Meagan Francis, author of The Happiest Mom)With a refreshing focus on less pressure, more love, Hands Free Life beckons us to a life that cherishes the individuality of each family member and the transformative power of presence. This book is about less pressure, more love; less comparison, more perspective; less distraction, and more life! (Anna Whiston-Donaldson, New York Times bestselling author of Rare Bird)Hands Free Life is such an important book! One of biggest challenges most of us face in today’s digitally connected, fast-paced world is how to disengage from technology and connect to the things and people that matter most. Rachel Macy Stafford’s powerful and down-to-earth advice helps us live with more presence, awareness, and perspective. (Mike Robbins, author of Nothing Changes Until You Do)This book expresses what an amazing time we can have within the family dynamic when we learn to let go of the excessive demands we find ourselves in. It allows us to become aware of the way we self-talk about our parenting while promoting how to live life to its fullest in harmony. Rachel has so eloquently shared what it takes to “keep track of life” and how it impacts our relationships with those we love. (Lisa Hein, international bestselling author and motivational speaker)Hands Free Life is a heartwarming book by a talented writer who lifts you up with inspiration and plants your feet squarely on the ground, ready to focus on what really matters. (Sandra R. Blackard, author of Say What You See® for Parents and Teachers)

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My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life eBook

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my kitchen year 136 recipes review

My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life Description

ReviewAn Amazon Best Book of October 2015: When Gourmet magazine shut its doors in 2009, longtime editor in chief Ruth Reichl was as blindsided by the news as the rest of us.In times of upheaval and uncertainty we are reflexively drawn to what comforts us and for Reichl that means cooking.My Kitchen Year is four seasons of intimate anecdotes and recipes chronicling the first year of Reichl’s post-Gourmet life.It is a cookbook with diary-style entries reflecting on the day and what led to the next recipe. The photography, like the rest of the book, is beautifully produced and never fussy—the perfect pairing for dishes inspired by tears, laughter, love, and a need to feel grounded when life has gone careening off the rails. My Kitchen Year is astonishingly personal and Ruth Reichl’s willingness to share not only her cherished recipes but also her thoughts and feelings during a year of transition make My Kitchen Year a very special volume.-- Seira Wilson

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The Walking Dead Volume 24: Life and Death (Walking Dead Tp) Download

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the walking dead volume 24 review

The Walking Dead Volume 24: Life and Death (Walking Dead Tp) Description

What level of threat do the Whisperers pose to the communities' safety? Carl's not waiting around to find out. Also, the return of Michonne.Collects The Walking Dead #139-144.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book Review

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lost ocean an inky adventure review

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book Description

About the AuthorJohanna Basford is an illustrator and ink evangelist who prefers pens and pencils to pixels. Her intricate, hand-drawn illustrations are loved the world over by those who have colored in (sometimes more than once) her previous bestselling books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. Johanna is a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. She likes sugar mice, floral teacups, peonies, and bumblebees. Visit her online at

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Paula Deen Cuts the Fat: 250 Recipes Lightened Up Review

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paula deen cuts the fat review

Paula Deen Cuts the Fat: 250 Recipes Lightened Up Description

About the AuthorPAULA DEEN, Culinary icon and queen of Southern cooking, Deen is a self-made success story who learned the secrets of Southern cooking from her grandmother. Deen's first business, The Bag Lady, started her successful career and led to the opening of her first restaurant, The Lady and Sons, with her two sons Bobby and Jamie five years later. In addition to her success on TV and with her restaurant, Deen is a two-time Emmy award winner and the author of 14 cookbooks that have sold more than 11,000,000 copies. Paula's magazine Cooking with Paula Deen celebrates it's 10th year and has over 3 million readers. In 2014, Deen launched the Paula Deen Network, an interactive digital cooking network that combines cooking, lifestyle and game shows with great recipes, meal-planning tools and more. Paula's social media fan base exceeds six million strong.

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Eve: A Novel Read Here

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eve a novel review

Eve: A Novel Description

Review“The writing is stunningly beautiful, offering an evocative, challenging look at our view of God and the Creation narrative. Young’s latest will certainly pique the interest of established fans as well as generate controversy.” (Publishers Weekly)“By turns emotional, inspiring, and filled to overflowing with grace, Eve is exactly the engaging, challenging story you would expect from the author of The Shack. Wm. Paul Young offers a transformative view of God that transcends gender and culture: highly recommended to everyone with Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome--and to any and all who seek the uninhibited Light and Love of our Creator.” (Reba Riley, author of Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome)

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Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Online Reading

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big magic creative living beyond review

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Description

ReviewPraise for Big Magic: “Big Magic is a celebration of a creative life…Gilbert’s love of creativity is infectious, and there’s a lot of great advice in this sunny book…Gilbert doesn’t just call for aspiring artists to speak their truth, however daffy that may appear to others; she is showing them how.” —Washington Post"In [Gilbert’s] first foray into full-on self-help [she] shares intimate glimpses into the life of a world-famous creative, complete with bouts of paralyzing fear and frustration, in an attempt to coax the rest of us into walking through the world just a little bit braver.” —Elle“The Eat, Pray, Love author demystifies the tricky business of creativity. We’re all ears.” —Cosmopolitan“Elizabeth Gilbert is my new spirit animal… I have profoundly changed my approach to creating since I read this book." —Huffington Post“Gilbert leads readers through breaking out of their own creative ruts, finding fulfillment, and facing fear while finding balance between our spiritual and pragmatic beings in her forth coming book. Yes, please.” —Bustle“Big Magic will resonate with writers and artists who find the process of producing work to be particularly painful…Through anecdotes about her creative failures and resourcefulness, as well as those other artists, Gilbert encourages readers to pursue a creative life ‘that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear." —Daily Beast"Gilbert demystifies the creative process, examining the practices of great artists to shed light on finding inspiration in the every day.” —Harper’s Bazaar“Big Magic tackles the challenges of living the creative life…Reading it is a little like having a coach by your side, cheering on your efforts – whatever they are – candidly and selflessly.” –Christian Science Monitor“Gilbert [writes] with sincerity and humility about the joy that creativity has given her... If you enjoyed Eat Pray Love, if you are drawn to self-help or inspirational books, or if you just like to bask in another person’s positive glow, you’ll love Big Magic.” –Minneapolis Star-Tribune“Big Magic wants to help its readers live creatively…[Gilbert believes] creativity is inside all of us, it should be expressed, and it is not selfish or crazy or foolish to do so – it is in fact the best way to live a satisfying life...[Big Magic] constitutes good advice…[in a voice that’s] charming, personable, self-aware, jokey, conversational….[and] that Gilbert does so well.” —New York Times Book Review“A lucid and luminous inquiry into the relationship between human beings and the mysteries of the creative experience… What makes her book so immensely helpful is precisely its lived and living nature…wholly electrifying.” —Brainpickings Gilbert tackles heavy, sensitive subject matter but keeps it light, making what's essentially a self-help book feel like a good talk with a friend rather than a sermon." —Associated Press “Transformative.” —Flavorwire“Part pat-on-the-back, part slap-in-the-face, [Big Magic is] a permission slip for readers to stop making excuses and get to work… a fresh and modern surprise that fans of her work will relish." —Wichita Eagle“Funny. Insightful. Honest. Irreverent...But, of course, most of us have read Gilbert before and these qualities find their way into all of her works. The particular form of magic in Big Magic comes in a very unusual wrapping: hope and love...Big Magic read[s] like a devotional. Like a love letter to the earnest artist inside most of our hearts.” —Books and Whatnot“In her signature conversational style, both sassy and serious, Gilbert invokes high- and low-brow cultural references and recommends we channel our inner trickster… [Her] manifesto is a book to read through quickly, and then start again to discover any big magic you may have missed.” – KMUW“The writing here is so friendly and funny that Gilbert’s perspective on creative living goes down like lemonade in summer." —BookPage“From the deeply self-aware, poetically gifted author of Eat, Pray, Love comes... the best nonfiction book I’ve read in years. For anyone who's ever struggled with feeling worthy to express themselves through art, or been discouraged by the absence of inspiration, I'm not being hyperbolic when I say this book might just change your life.” —Mind Body Green“Gilbert, author of the wildly successful memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” and a successful novelist (“The Signature of All Things”) offers her prescriptions for unlocking the creativity within.” —Seattle Times“Whatever your artistic pursuit, you’ll nod in agreement as Elizabeth Gilbert reflects on the elusive, frustrating and sometimes comically strange process of creativity. Thoughtful and funny, Gilbert makes an excellent case for doing whatever it takes to unlock your inner artist and find more joy in life.” —Woman's Day“What Gilbert’s offering her fans…[is] permission to be creative…[She] is interested in the importance of creativity for the individual’s soul…When you hear the people who want to create, and the gratitude they feel toward [her], you can’t help feeling that she’s healed them—that she has, in fact, become the kind of guru she once sought.” —The New Yorker, on the "Magic Lessons" podcast series “The latest from Gilbert is all about you—that’s 268 pages of practical advice for tapping into your own creativity... Consider her your own personal life coach.”—Marie Claire "A must read for anyone hoping to live a creative life... I dare you not to be inspired to be brave, to be free, and to be curious.” —PopSugar“A joyful ride through the enigmatic jungle of creative existence… [Big Magic] is not just about the production of artistic works but about building a life that nurtures the creative being in all of us.”—CREATIV Magazine"Big Magic [is ]… fearless of voice and heart-opening in authenticity; in short, a book worthy of its name." —Literary Inklings“A conversational, intimate glimpse into Gilbert’s process and philosophy, as personable as a confab over coffee… essential reading for anyone who wants to live a larger life, filled with more ideas, more projects, and more fulfillment…Big Magic is powerful stuff.” –Barnes & Noble Blog“A book-length meditation on inspiration.” —Newsday“Whether you long to write the great American novel or you just want to be more present and mindful in your daily life, you can find plenty of inspiration in this self-help tome… … the can-do, optimistic tone makes for an uplifting read.” –All You Magazine“Anyone living with some manifestation of writer’s block (or any other artistic variant of such affliction) will find [Gilbert's] sage advice is effectively a worthwhile kick in the butt… Without the smallest hint of narcissism, the mega-bestselling author shares the pinnacles and pitfalls of failure and success and how to wrangle the criticism, inside and out.”—Steamboat Pilot & Today“Gilbert sweetly yet powerfully nudges readers to release fear, summon courage and allow the ‘strange jewels’ hidden within each of us to emerge and shine. The end result is the ‘big magic’… Engaging storytelling mixed with personal anecdotes and astute insights make Big Magic a rewarding, motivating and delightful read.” —Sucess Magazine“There's nothing hippie-dippy about Gilbert's raw, honest, and downright hilarious observations of her own creative plight...This isn't a How-To guide for creative living; this is the story of how one woman simply figured things out for herself, and learned how to live in harmony with her own creative soul. All can find a kind of solemn peace and reassurance in her words.” -Everyday eBook"The author of Eat Pray Love, who has already changed so many lives, now looks to change thinking on creativity." -The New York Daily News“Worth a read for any artist struggling for some peace and quiet in a head bursting with creativity."– Bustle, Included in “9 Books To Help You Find Inner Peace”"Some might call Elizabeth Gilbert by the name Queen Midas … Everything she touches seems to turn to gold. A rare gift, this book acknowledges difficulty, but empowers its readers to transcend it in the name of the beautiful mysteries of existence.” —WNC Woman Magazine“A treasure map to unleash your most creative and expressive life.” –Marie TV“Big Magic seeks to both inspire you and strip you of any excuse to not pursue your creative interests…[it’s] passionate, down-to-earth and bursting with Gilbert’s obvious love for the subject matter and her readers… a delight to read.” –Pop Mythology “An empathetic and inspiring guide to mustering the courage to live a creative life. … Nearly anyone who picks up this self-help manual should finish it feeling inspired, even if only to dream of a life without limits.” —Publisher's Weekly (starred review) "Gilbert serves as an enthusiastic coach for readers who want more out of life. Highly recommended." —Library Journal (starred review)“Gilbert’s wise and motivating book of encouragement and advice will induce readers not only to follow specific artistic dreams but also to live life more creatively, fully, and contentedly.” – Booklist "The sincerity, grace, and flashes of humor that characterize [Gilbert’s] writing and insights should appeal to a wider audience…warmly inspirational.” —Kirkus

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One Year After: A Novel Review

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one year after a novel review

One Year After: A Novel Description

ReviewWilliam Forstchen's novel, Pillar to the Sky tells the story of a world sinking into apocalypse, which can only be saved by a radical and terrifyingexperiment. This is a fascinating, fiercely passionate, well-honed thriller full of innovative insights, suspense and cutting edge science. I highly recommend it. (Douglas Preston, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Impact and The Codex on the works of William R. Forstchen)Civilization slides into the abyss of a new dark age in this horrifying apocalyptic novel.Forstchen has put Bin Laden's dream on paper and, in the process, taken civilization straight to the rack. (Stephen Coonts, author of The Assassin on the works of William R. Forstchen)

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